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Did you know that over 700 movie and television productions have been filmed in Douglas County, GA? By taking the SELF-GUIDED TOUR arranged by the Douglas County Film Trail, you can visit previously used filming sites that you may recognize from your favorite television and movie productions, like “The Hunger Games,” “Stranger Things,” “The Walking Dead,” “The Founder,” and more!

Click “SEE THE TOUR” to see a map with strategically marked Douglas County filming sites! You could also navigate the Self-Guided Tour at your leisure, or make up your own tour of the Douglas County Film Trail! Each marked film site is designated on the Self-Guided Tour Map, and is also designated at each physical location with our unmistakable Film Trail Tour Stop Signs! Come spend a day checking out the cool stuff Douglas County has to offer!

If you’d like to explore more, you can use the menu above to navigate this site, or Spin the Reel and click to see where some of your favorite TV & Movie productions were filmed! The Douglas County Film Trail is fun for everybody!